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Dec 13

December 13, 2015

Coping With Grief and The Holidays

When my oldest, Hayden, was small we filled the holiday season with festivities. Christmas cookies in pajamas, visiting Santa, driving around at night to look at the Christmas lights, watching our favorite Christmas movies, making and wrapping gifts…these were just a few of our favorite activities. My social media feeds are filled with smiley-faced people doing these exact things. And... Read more

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Dec 10

December 10, 2015

Grief is a Process

Grief is a process. There is no escaping it. Oh yes, there is delaying it. But that is not the same as avoiding it—it’s just a postponement. There’s really no delicate way to say this and so here it is: Grief sucks. She’s an ugly monster who tries to drown you, who humiliates you in the grocery store and at... Read more

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