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Dec 1

December 1, 2016

When the Other Shoe Drops

When the Other Shoe Drops

Not long ago, I sat with my daughter on my lap, holding her arms down while she screamed. The first attempt at a blood draw had failed and we were moving on to the second arm. She’ll be five next month. She usually does quite well with these things. She hops up into the chair, thrusts her arm upon the... Read more

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Oct 27

October 27, 2016

When You're Not Ready To Admit It's Depression

When You’re Not Ready To Admit It’s Depression

There’s no question about it, admitting you are struggling with depression is a hard thing to do. Even after all the highly publicized struggles of depression by beloved celebrities like Jon Hamm, Ashley Judd, or Owen Wilson, there is still such a stigma regarding those who struggle with depression. The stigma of depression is mostly due to the negative nature... Read more

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Jun 26

June 26, 2016

Don't Forget to Hope

Don’t Forget to Hope

Maybe like me, you’ve seen your share of cloudy skies, or maybe you’ve seen firsthand the path of destruction a tornado leaves. You’ve stood on soggy ground, collecting muddy treasures as you fed your children a Salvation Army issued bologna sandwich. I’m going to guess I was six years old when the tornado hit our home in Sikeston, Mo. I... Read more

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Jun 9

June 9, 2016

That Faithful Friend

Befriending those with rare and chronic illnesses is not for the faint of heart. Your job description—should you choose to accept it—will include: walking with us through the plentiful highs and lows, learning a new language (the language of our illness), grieving alongside us, possibly purchasing a medical dictionary, no longer pretending it’s all okay, and last (but not least)... Read more

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Nov 21

November 21, 2015

5 Tips For Drowning Pride

There are few times when I feel as cool as I do when I’m in the pool getting shown up by the little old ladies at physical therapy. (And no, I’m not talking about temperature). It usually goes something like this. To Little Old Lady #1: You do three reps of twelve. To Stacey: You do one rep of ten.... Read more

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Nov 8

November 8, 2015

Lessons From the Cancer Center

Lessons From the Cancer Center: Maybe like me, you are a watcher of people. You don’t mean to be, it just happens. You are drawn in by their essence, their stories. My husband and I can be at dinner and I will shake my head or shed a tear at something said or done nearby and he’ll ask totally dumbfounded,... Read more

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