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Apr 27

April 27, 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Most of what I know about Lyme I learned one of three ways: Watching Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease Speaking with my Lyme Literate Physicians (LLMD) and other patients within online support groups. Living my life with Lyme disease I watched Under Our Skin for the first time while sprawled out on an oddly-shaped recliner tilted... Read more

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Apr 11

April 11, 2016

Meeting Others In Their Pain

Today, the five of us sat at the table, eating lunch and talking about death. Sometimes laughing and at other times in tenuous, heavy tones— we talked about what we’d want our funerals to look like and how we felt about the ones we’d been to. I’m not sure how the conversation led us to this place, but I’m also... Read more

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Feb 22

February 22, 2016

How I (almost) Missed The Fight

If I told you how many medical professionals I interact with on some level over the course of an average month, you’d probably spit your coffee out. And since I’m a nice girl who doesn’t want you to have to do that, I’m going to keep it vague. But let’s just say that if going to the doctor was a... Read more

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Feb 18

February 18, 2016

Can You Love Me Anyway?

Can you love me anyway? (Fighting to Stay Married While Your Spouse Fights to Stay Alive)   “It’s okay if you don’t understand if you don’t get it, but can you love me anyway?” ~the spouse who is ill   Marriage is hard. You knew that already, right? Actually, all of what I’m about to say is probably nothing new for... Read more

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