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Aug 24

August 24, 2017

The Words That Try To Take My Life Away

The Words That Take My Life Away

Failure Loser Incapable Unwanted Unworthy Words my mental illness plants in my brain. They sneak in under the cover of dark, rearing their ugly heads when I least expect it. Defences down, I am bowled over by the intensity and severity of the words. I do my best to fight. I do positive self talk and affirmations. I stay away... Read more

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Jul 18

July 18, 2016

How Chronic Illness Changes Our Perspective

How Chronic Illness Changes Our Perspective

We spend our days, our years perhaps, searching for answers, for a word that explains what’s happening in our bodies or the body of our child, our sister, our mother, our partner. We believe, we hope, we long for the word to come and bring with it perimeters, a treatment plan, hope. Surely, if someone can tell us what’s wrong,... Read more

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