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Mar 13

March 13, 2017

What Traveling to Europe Taught Me About Ableism

What Traveling to Europe Taught Me About Ableism

The majority of my chronically ill life has been sheltered, encapsulated by the tiny group of people who love me most. These are the people who’ve done the hard work of learning what loving me looks in this time and space. They’ve learned my body’s rhythms and queues. For the most part, they come into our times together eyes wide... Read more

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Feb 13

February 13, 2017

How One "Spoonie's" Bravery Healed My Heart

How One “Spoonie’s” Bravery Healed My Heart

Some people open their mouths and change your whole world. They tell their story and suddenly your fractured heart begins to heal itself. Confusion and isolation, your long-time companions go out for a smoke break. Someone is singing your heart’s song when you didn’t even know they knew the words. So this is what it feels like? To be seen,... Read more

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Apr 11

April 11, 2016


Meeting Others In Their Pain

Today, the five of us sat at the table, eating lunch and talking about death. Sometimes laughing and at other times in tenuous, heavy tones— we talked about what we’d want our funerals to look like and how we felt about the ones we’d been to. I’m not sure how the conversation led us to this place, but I’m also... Read more

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