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Feb 9

February 9, 2017

6 Tangible Ways to Support the Hurting in Your World

6 Tangible Ways to Support the Hurting in Your World

It’s commonplace to rally around joyous transitions, signing up to bring new parents a meal or two to sustain them during the first sleepless days of a newborn’s life, pitching in to help the neighbors throw a graduation party for their high school senior. It’s also commonplace to circle the wagons around those who have lost a loved one with... Read more

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Aug 1

August 1, 2016

How to let go of doing it all by yourself

How to Let Go of Doing It All by Yourself

My disability hearing is Monday morning. It feels more like a sentence imposed upon me than anything else. I picture the judge as a monster from a Stephen King novel, his gavel an instrument of punishment posed to administer my lashings. And what was my crime, you ask? I’m not sure, really. Maybe it was asking for help, wasting the... Read more

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Mar 7

March 7, 2016

I Know More Than You Do

I really appreciate doctors. They are active scientists, trying to discern what is really going on in the complexity of the human body. They spent many years getting educated in this area and genuinely want to help and solve problems. They also (the best ones) have learned how to be comforters and supporters. One of my best friends is a... Read more

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Jan 21

January 21, 2016

The Journey to Finding Help

I have hereditary Fibromyalgia, but for most of my life, I didn’t know that.  I had been to many doctors. None of them knew what was wrong. I presented with different symptoms at different times, but one thing remained the same— I was always in pain. I have had numerous hospital stays, and terribly painful tests run to no avail.... Read more

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Nov 21

November 21, 2015

5 Tips For Drowning Pride

There are few times when I feel as cool as I do when I’m in the pool getting shown up by the little old ladies at physical therapy. (And no, I’m not talking about temperature). It usually goes something like this. To Little Old Lady #1: You do three reps of twelve. To Stacey: You do one rep of ten.... Read more

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