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Aug 22

August 22, 2017

ut Seriously, Stop Kissing Me

But Seriously, Stop Kissing Me

My husband has an immune system made of steel. I’ve often wondered if he has a stash of kryptonite hidden underneath the bed he isn’t telling me about. A few years ago, when little red dots appeared first on the tips of my fingers and then journeyed up my palms, I told myself I was having a reaction to all... Read more

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Oct 31

October 31, 2016

Did You Just Cough In My Face?

Did You Just Cough In My Face?

I avoid germs like the plague because for me, well, germs pretty much are the plague. What may be just a little virus or an annoying little cold for one person is a show-stopping, game-changing, progress-reversing, month-stealing seriously big deal for me. I try to explain this to people. I stammer on about my compromised immune system as I spray the couch... Read more

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