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Jun 2

June 2, 2016

What Life With Chronic Illness Is Really Like

“Get well soon!” It's a common saying. All of us spoonies have heard it. But what if you have an illness that you will never recover from? The hardest part of having a chronic illness is that it's FOREVER, or at least for a very long time. Unless your personal miracle comes, your illness will always be with you. There isn’t... Read more

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May 26

May 26, 2016

Five Things People with PTSD Want You to Know

I had spent a lifetime keeping memories behind closed doors.  I thought I had frozen them all in my heart to keep them contained. But trauma thaws. I felt like I betrayed my family code. I felt weak.  I coped in so many different ways to stay numb and avoid the feelings that are stored in the marrow of your... Read more

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Apr 27

April 27, 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Most of what I know about Lyme I learned one of three ways: Watching Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease Speaking with my Lyme Literate Physicians (LLMD) and other patients within online support groups. Living my life with Lyme disease I watched Under Our Skin for the first time while sprawled out on an oddly-shaped recliner tilted... Read more

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Mar 24

March 24, 2016

The Good Doctor

Before I went in, I decided not to bring the entire laundry list of things that I’ve noticed or been worried about over the last decade or so. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve had a primary care physician. It’s been hard for me to know what is worth seeking medical attention for. If I just slept more, would... Read more

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Mar 21

March 21, 2016

My Son Is Not Autism

I called my son over to the couch and asked him to sit with me.   “What did you need Mom? Are you writing a new post?” my son asked inquisitively.   I found myself getting nervous, “I wanted to write a post… about you.” “Me?! What is it about?” He now seemed to be bubbling with anticipation.   “I... Read more

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Mar 14

March 14, 2016

Dear New Autism Mama,

Dear New Autism Mama,   You’ve never met me, but I think we might know each other a little. If you come sit next to me for a bit, you’ll find we have something in common.   You see, I’ve been there.   It probably started with a funny feeling. I know that feeling. It almost feels like a little... Read more

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Mar 3

March 3, 2016

That Time I Blurted Out My Secret

My mouth tends to get me in trouble. Perhaps it’s a snarky comment that escapes before my brain engages, or it’s my warped sense of humor that maybe only one or two people on the planet understand. But there was a day that my mouth said something that shocked even me, in that short brief moment, a revelation was sparked.... Read more

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Feb 11

February 11, 2016

How I Fought To Be A Better Mom

I know everyone thinks their kid is the best, I do. But if you just knew my oldest, I’m certain you’d agree.   He’s such a ridiculously good kid.   This is not something I feel I can take much credit for, as the fiber of Hayden’s being has always been inherently good.   He delights in celebrating people, loving extravagantly,... Read more

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Jan 21

January 21, 2016

The Journey to Finding Help

I have hereditary Fibromyalgia, but for most of my life, I didn’t know that.  I had been to many doctors. None of them knew what was wrong. I presented with different symptoms at different times, but one thing remained the same— I was always in pain. I have had numerous hospital stays, and terribly painful tests run to no avail.... Read more

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Jan 18

January 18, 2016

When its “All in Your Head”

You’ve been battling soul-crushing symptoms for months now. Desperate for relief, and terrified of the answers you’ve somehow managed to wait the agonizing three months it’s taken to see the specialist your primary care physician referred you to. After a battery of painful, expensive and frightening tests, it’s time to go over the results. The specialist looks you in the eye... Read more

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