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Oct 17

October 17, 2016

6 Chronic Illness Warriors I Admire

6 Chronic Illness Warriors I Admire

At the risk of sounding like a creeper: I love people. If Buddy the Elf loves smiling, smiling is his favorite, I love people. People are my favorite. I am intrinsically drawn to people. If you were to ask me what my favorite thing about any job or position I’ve ever held was my answer would be simple: the people.... Read more

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May 5

May 5, 2016

Parenting and Chronic Illness

What This Picture Doesn’t Tell You But I Will…

In a moment, this momma would do it again because any mom would be there for their child! I was determined and would not be deterred from seeing my daughter’s first performance at a competition. She had worked so hard. For sure, it was worth it to hug her and see the joy on her face! But I need you... Read more

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Apr 27

April 27, 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Most of what I know about Lyme I learned one of three ways: Watching Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease Speaking with my Lyme Literate Physicians (LLMD) and other patients within online support groups. Living my life with Lyme disease I watched Under Our Skin for the first time while sprawled out on an oddly-shaped recliner tilted... Read more

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