Sickness Is Your Superpower

Sickness Is Your Superpower

January 23, 2017 | Posted in: Chronic illness and relationships, chronic illness; support, Chronic Life

You drink in the warmth of the sun on your skin, your hair dancing in the breeze, the sound of children laughing in the background. Somewhere, someone is grilling steaks for dinner. The scent is nothing less than glorious and today, you are in love with life. Yes, your joints are just as swollen as they were yesterday and your eyelids are heavy, but sickness is your superpower.

Sickness is sifter of people and transformer of ordinary moments. Click To Tweet Sickness is the cape that empowers you to speak the truth when you would have been busy shaking in your boots before. “How am I?” “Tired, and getting fatter but still alive, so that’s good.” Sickness is the stick of dynamite causing your heart to explode with gratitude over the simple things most people don’t even notice- like this moment, sitting in the sun.

Sickness is the great leveler, placing us all on the same team. Sickness pulls greatness from our depths and reminds us that we’re fighters after all.

I fell asleep to the cadence of elderly couples discussing the rhythms of their daily lives this week at the cancer center. Had he fed the dog before he left? She asked in triplicate. (He couldn’t hear.) Where would they go on their week of chemotherapy vacation? Across the room, a group of rowdy older patients laughed and talked politics while teaching one of the women how to take a picture using an iPhone she swore she only used to look at the time. I laughed along with them and I wondered if they knew sickness was their superpower? Sickness drew them all together. Sickness put them all on the same team, rooting for one another. Sickness allowed them to be vulnerable, to talk about their fears and dreams candidly, right there out in the open.

Once, while receiving my infusions of donor antibodies at the cancer center I watched as two women realized why they looked familiar to one another. Prison. One had been the guard, the other the prisoner. But here, sickness was their superpower. Here, they were on the same team, cheering one another on. Here, there was no time to waste by hating one another.

I hate that any person would have the need to visit the cancer center and yet I’ve come to love the beauty birthed there. I love that within this sacred space, there is only one team. We are all just people trying to squeeze the most out of this life we can. We are all just people who’ve come to know the next moment isn’t guaranteed. We are all just people who have been cracked wide open by illness, who share our stories and our snacks. We are all just people who have learned sickness is our superpower because it connects us to one another.

Carry on, friend. Keep sharing your story and your strength. Click To Tweet Keep lending your laughter and your sorrows. Sickness is your superpower.

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  1. Beth Paul
    January 23, 2017

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    Love, love, love this Stacey!!!

  2. TamTam
    January 24, 2017

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    I LOVE THIS!!!
    I understand the meaning of these words All Too well, yet these words brought a slight smile to my face.
    When you are in “That Room”, receiving your infusions, you share more in common with everyone else in that room, at that moment than you do with the world outside of that building.
    YES, everyone is equal in that room. Everyone has the same Superpowers! Everyone has Hope, Faith, Love, Courage, Strength, Determination…….Superpowers!!!!!
    I pray God blesses any & all who must spend time in “That room”, fighting with their loved one’s & using their Superpowers to live life to its fullest & may they all win their battles! Fight On! God Bless! ♡♡

    • Stacey Philpot
      January 29, 2017

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      You have said it so well here, Tamtam. I especially loved this : When you are in “That Room”, receiving your infusions, you share more in common with everyone else in that room, at that moment than you do with the world outside of that building.” All the yeses. This is it. These become your people.

      And I wish that the whole world could pull the masks off and realize that in one way or another WE’RE ALL IN THAT ROOM TOGETHER. We’re all fighting something. We all hurt and bleed and need. We can all be for one another if we choose to be.

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