When We Drown in Our Not Enoughness

When We Drown in Our Not Enoughness

June 1, 2017 | Posted in: Parenting and Chronic Illness

“Not to be mean, Mommy, but Daddy is nicer than you.”

These are the words my five-year-old daughter graces me with as she fills our minivan with her endless chatter. So far, I’ve been chastised for my lack of passion in response, my tendency to stare blankly ahead, and general lack of entertainment value.

I wonder silently if Daddy might not maintain his position as the superior parent if he, too, had more diagnoses pinned to him than he could count or be bothered to remember on any given day. Five-year-olds don’t account for such things. Nor do they allow grace for things like your current strep infection, or what seems to be bleeding ulcer in your gastrointestinal track.

“Drive me to Hobby Lobby to pick out crafts, and be fun and exciting while you do it!” they demand.

Somehow, I always seem to fall short.

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  1. Karen DeBonis
    June 13, 2017

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    This was beautiful and heartbreaking, Stacey. Doing the best you can IS enough. Keep on.

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