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Dear Doctors, May You Always Use Your Powers for Good. - Chronically Whole
Dear Doctors, May You Always Use Your Powers for Good.

Dear Doctors, May You Always Use Your Powers for Good.

June 19, 2017 | Posted in: Physicians

Dear Doctors,

May you always use your powers for good. Perhaps, the power goes to your head after a while, or like the smell of your own feces, you become immune to it. Yet, you have it just the same.

We come to you broken and ashamed, afraid. Yours for the molding, the putting back together or the shattering beyond repair. The decision is yours, really. Perhaps, you’ve forgotten the decision is yours. Maybe you’ve seen so many sick, desperate faces, we all look the same to you. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you if we get better, or if your words leave a sting we can recall to memory years later. It’s possible you’ve grown numb to the knowledge your words can be like the rudder to a ship, changing the course of our lives forever. Choose your words carefully, then, won’t you?

There are some of you who seem to still be so keenly aware of these things. I think maybe if I took I peek beneath your lab coat, I’d find a cape. Click To Tweet You know you’re saving lives and you’re ever so intentional, but not the least bit smug about it. Thanks for that.

Some of you seem to understand just how demoralizing chronic illness can be and you know how and when to speak life to our souls. Thanks for that. Some of you seem to ponder how we might be faring in your spare time. Perhaps, over breakfast or lunch, you wonder if that new drug might benefit us. I think our journey is of great concern to you. Thanks for that.

I think some of you go out of your way to help us when you could quite easily check a box or sign your name and just as easily say you’d done your job. Thanks for that.

There are some who seem to believe themselves to be infallible, all-knowing, god-like men. You are not among them. Thanks for that.

There are some who go to battle for us when weaker men would not, thanks for that. Click To Tweet

There are some who use their healing powers and their wealth of knowledge for good. If you are one of them, thanks for that.




Patients everywhere

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  1. Courtney Ellis
    June 22, 2017

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    This is how I felt about the midwives who delivered our babies. SUPER, super, superheroes for certain.

  2. Terri
    June 23, 2017

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    What a powerful post! I’ve been extremely fortunate to have good, caring doctors, but I know many are not so lucky. I’m so grateful for the ones who, as you said, use their powers for good.

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