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Nov 23

November 23, 2016

3 Ways to Seek Out Gratitude in the Difficult Times

3 Ways to Seek Out Gratitude in the Difficult Times

Sometimes I get angry and super down about my health situation. That’s ok. Keeping a positive outlook is clearly a better option than having a negative one. Having a mostly positive outlook doesn’t mean that everything is perfect all of the time, it only means that it is possible to be positive and strong while also being human and honest.... Read more

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Jun 23

June 23, 2016

Anniversary of a Diagnosis

Anniversary of a Diagnosis

I’m struggling. Do I write about the upcoming date, or do I let it pass? Do I talk about this day – this huge day in my personal history, or do I let it sit under the proverbial leaden rock in the back of my mind?  Should I just coast through the day, and into tomorrow? Reflection has led me... Read more

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Jun 2

June 2, 2016

What Life With Chronic Illness Is Really Like

“Get well soon!” It's a common saying. All of us spoonies have heard it. But what if you have an illness that you will never recover from? The hardest part of having a chronic illness is that it's FOREVER, or at least for a very long time. Unless your personal miracle comes, your illness will always be with you. There isn’t... Read more

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